DJ Kolesky - Music is perpetual and only the hearing is intermittent.
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DJ Kolesky started his career in 1990. He toured the France, Spain, Ukraine and Belgium, and performed at the largest clubs of Europe.


KOLESKY & LEWIS RAYN – Supersonik  


KOLESKY – Balkansax 


Mix-DJ kolesky – Best Mix
Mix-DJ kolesky – Ultimate Beach Party
Mix-DJ kolesky -The Paradise


KOLESKY – In Da House

KOLESKY – Ready To Jump

KOLESKY & MOSLEY – Kazachok Klub 

Solo day

Listen to ‘Supersonik (Chelero Remix)’ by Kolesky With Lewis Rayn.

Music Mix

Listen to ‘Kazachok Klub (Extended Mix)’ by Kolesky & Mosley.

New Track

Stream KOLESKY – Balkansax (original edit) by DJ KOLESKY from desktop or your mobile device.

Music Mix

Disk Jockey

A disk jockey (DJ) is someone who combines different sources of pre-recorded audio while it’s playing, typically for a live crowd at a nightclub or dance bar or through broadcasting.


Why you should replace your Garage Door

Why you should replace your Garage Door?

You may have been using you garage door for the last couple of years but it may be the time to get a new garage door. Garage doors are created to last a lifetime but with time you may realize that your current garage door has outdated security features that need replacement. Change in weather patterns may necessitate you to get a new garage door that is able to withstand the weather elements.

Keyless Entry
You may have installed your garage door when Keys where required to gain entry. You can upgrade to keyless garage doors. This enables you to gain entry through passwords and fingerprint readers. The latest features extend to mobile apps that let you close and open the garage door through your mobile phone. If you have added CCTV cameras then you are able to see who comes into the garage.

Reverse Mechanisms
If your garage door was constructed in the 90s then it may lack this security feature. This are sensors that are attached to the garage door some six inches from the ground. When the sensors detect an object they reverse closure and go up. This added security feature comes in handy especially when you have young kids playing around. This safety feature is not a requirement when you are installing garage doors. You can get a certified electrician to install this for you.

Backup power
With the wide range of electric equipment’s using power in the garage, it is recommended to add a backup generator in your garage. The backup generator should not be expensive as it is not something you use very often. But, it should be able to power up the garage opener when there is a blackout.

Noise Reduction
If your bedroom is located just above your garage then you may have sleep deprivation due to noise from the garage opener. The chain drive has been the most common garage opener for longtime. You should replace your chain drive that makes a lot of noise with either a belt drive or a direct drive. The direct drive uses an innovative motor to run the trolley. The direct drive is also more efficient than the other models.

There has been a lot of innovation when it comes to garage security features. New garage openers use Wi-Fi to control access to the garage. You can monitor your entire garage from the comfort of your phone. CCTV cameras can be installed for added security. With innovations in security, you are able to keep thieves at bay. Modern security features enable you to grant access to close family members and friends. A garage door repair company can inform you of all of the new security features available.

Add value to your home
A new, modern garage door can add the appraisal value for your house. It is estimated that changing your garage door can yield a 83 percent ROI.

Lower utility bills
Your old garage may be the reason why you are spending a lot of money on utility bills. This is because it can be poorly insulated. Get yourself a new garage door with better insulation,

Final thoughts
You may have had your current garage door for many years but it may be time to change it with modern garage doors that help you cut on costs and offer better security features.

Garage Cleanliness And Organization

Dealing with your garage in daily life can sometimes get away from you. There is a certain amount of organization and cleanliness that just doesn’t come naturally to the garage. It’s a place where it is easy to store things and then forget about them. Often you’ll realize months down the road that your garage isn’t so spotless and uncluttered anymore. When this happens you can start wishing that you had set out some sort of system before things had gotten so bad, but there is always hope. Where there is a will to change your ways there is a way. Making a difference is as easy as setting out a plan, but first of all you need to get some cleaning done.

That first clean up should hopefully be the motivation you need to make sure you keep your garage from becoming as cluttered and messy as it got. Doing little things to keep the area clean with the right tools isn’t so hard. On the other hand, starting with a messy garage will most likely have your family looking for an exit as soon as you start talking about a garage clean up project.

If your garage door is working and this clean up wasn’t spurred on by the need for a garage door repair on top of the clean up, then there are a few options for how to get your garage back. A literal garage sale is a great way to handle clutter for good, getting things out of your garage and into the garages of others. Another way is to simply open up the garage door and park a dumpster in the driveway. It’s a permanent solution, but there’s a good chance that many of the things taking up room in your garage are things that could stand to be thrown out instead of just neglected.

Garage clean up helps you move around your garage but it also helps you in other ways. If you have been narrowed to one car in your two car garage you can get a car back in finally. If you have been putting off a simple garage door repair because no one can even get into your garage to the spots do the repair you’ll get your garage back. If you are just tired of banging into things in your garage when you head to the car in the morning then that still has its own reasons to get the job done.

Some tips of how to make sure you get the job done right are to make sure you have a plan before you begin. Figure out a way you’ll not only clean things up, but a way to keep things clean easily. If need be buy some storage tools to help you with the solution and to motivate you further to really get things done. Set aside a weekend where everyone in the family should be home and get as much work done as you can.

Top DJ Tips for Beginners

Most of us think that DJs just mix two tracks and create music. But DJs are not just about “mixing” and “beat mixing.” It is true that DJs have to choose two tracks which are at the same speed so that they will be able to move smoothly from one track to the other. But this is not the end of their job. DJs must know how to tune a selection; they need to understand the mentality of the crowd and time their tracks accordingly.

Top DJ

So if you are planning on becoming a DJ the following are some of the things you need to know:

You need first to learn how to mix tracks:

By mixing tracks, you do not have to know how to match eight bars, sync button to hammer or slam tracks together. Mixing of tracks is about layering more than one record so that it creates a smooth flow. By mixing tracks, you are finally making new music. To build the vibe, you need to have matching bass lines and layering percussion to keep up the energy in the track. To help you out in this situation you can use Mixed in Key, and it is always advisable to learn by ears and not by numbers. Once you are comfortable with the tunes, you can start to go deeper and try to match the phrases or vocals.

Both tracks must be at the same speed:

Two tracks can be played on top of each other when they are at the same speed level.  If you do not have the two tracks at the same speed, you will never have a proper “line up” for more than two seconds. One of the tracks will try to pull away from the other track. Many traditional DJs try to do this manually; you can use a “sync” button to alter the tempo of the tunes. By adjusting the tempo, you can play two songs at the same time.

Track selection must be as per the crowd:

People look up to DJs for some good music. As a DJ you need to know which tracks you are going to use and which tracks you are going to mix to create new music. Apart from the music which the crowd enjoys, there are some aspects of a track which need to be dealt in different ways. You need to understand the difference between mixing a record with a key and the heavy pitching. The mixing of tracks with a particular key provides a good sound while the heavy pitching makes it impossible to mix records. You also have to keep an eye on the sequencing of the tracks. The order in which each song gets played is very important. Try to sequence the songs in such a way that there is a flow between each of them.




Best DJ apps for Android

Becoming a freelance DJ can be quite expensive. When you are a DJ, you need the necessary equipment to mix music. You will have to buy the equipment then you have to learn how to use those tools, and you might also have to download software to create and mix music. All these might sound hectic and tough. But to make things easier and cheaper for you there are many decent DJ apps on Android. Technology has made it quite simple for us to use various things in life.  You maybe can’t run an entire show with just an android app, but it creates a simulation of the whole show.

DJ apps for Android

The following are some of the best DJ apps for Android:


If you happen to be a budding DJ, then Pacemaker is one of the best DJ apps available to you. The app has neon visuals, and the controls are very simple and easy to handle. You are allowed to take tracks from your iTunes collection, and if you happen to be a subscriber, you get the streaming service Spotify, and you can quickly mix the music with sync feature which is a built-in feature that is provided by the app. There are also in-app purchases of extra sound effects like loop and reverb, “ChopChop,” “8-bit” etc. The app is also capable of choosing the tracks for you, and it mixes it up for you. So even if you are not a DJ and just want to enjoy with your friends, you can use the Pacemaker app to mix tracks.

edjing Mix:

Edjing Mix is a popular DJ app which has lots of great features for mixing tracks.  Some best features in the app include support for your local library, Deezer support, 16 predefined samples, syncing of two tracks without any gap, and looping of tracks. There are also SoundCloud accesses, turn-tables, crossfader, and you are also allowed to upload the mixes that you have created and stored in the cloud. The edjing Mix app also allows you to customize the layout to an extent. There are three edjing Mix apps in total. One of it is free, and the other one is for $5.49, and the third one is also free, but it has some additional features you can purchase if you want.

FL Studio:

With the FL Studio app, you can record and mix tracks. There are many fun things you can do with the app. You are allowed to create your own music and record it then create your beats and edit them until you get it right.  The app has samples of many instruments like synths, drums, guitars, etc. The app even has support for MIDI controllers. FL Studio makes a great app for recording and developing your tracks. It is not best suitable for live shows but you can use it to learn to mix various tracks.


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